Video assessment and examination made simple

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Candidate Screening

Our video assessment tool will help you efficiently screen large numbers of applicants and improve the quality of your shortlist. Forget the hassle of arranging phone interviews and struggling through lengthy or off topic candidate responses.

Using the Avancert screening tool candidates respond by video, and you can review when it's convenient for you. You can fast forward, skip and replay responses as needed. You can even share promising candidates with colleagues and clients for a second opinion. find out more >>

Candidate Testing

Recruiting quality staff often requires more than just reviewing a CV and an interview. Our candidate testing service allows employers and recruiters to test the skills and knowledge of candidate, compare their performance relative to other candidates, and understand a candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Our tools help you ensure you are making a fully informed recruitment decision. find out more >>

Assessment Management

Our Avancert service provides a comprehensive set of features to enable organisations to take control of their assessment responsibilities, reduce cost, and save time.

Avancert provides a wide range of features including candidate management, sittings, venue booking, question banks, candidate payment gateways and integration with a number of Applicaton Tracking Systems (ATS). find out more >>